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Stormlight Archive - Thunderclast, ocean
Stormlight Archive - Thunderclast, ocean

This is a fan concept of thunderclast from Brandon Sanderson’s novel Stormlight Archive.

In the novel a thunderclast is created directly out of the ground by a void spren inserting itself into the ground. It is characterized by arrowhead shape head, a skeletal body, and hate and menace.

I thought it would be really cool if thunderclasts’ appearance differs drastically base on where in the world they originate. One that comes up and out of the bottom of a sea will have its body made up of very different looking material than one that emerges from a forest terrain.

This is how I imagine a thunderclast emerging out of the ocean floor to ambush a coastal city might look, swinging shipwreck cannon balls and anchors against the humans who built them in the first place.

This is also the 1st one of the trio I started with, and has the most amount of work and re-work done to figure most things out. Looking back now, I’m glad I re-worked it as many times as I did, and pushed past the previous iterations to arrive at what it looks like now.

Its name glyph says ‘okeana’, meaning ocean.

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