The Silk Road - city block

This turned out quite well! Here is my 2nd adventure into 3D-to-2D workflow, inspired by my trip to Malta.

There is nothing like traveling to give me experience that I just don’t get from reference images or documentaries.

As informative as those two are, they are still seen through someone else’s eyes. When I'm somewhere in person, what stands out to me will form my unique perspective, which I hopefully can then take to my art - like hiding in people's front porches to allow cars to pass, because streets have no sidewalks. It makes me notice how the doors are inset instead of flushed with the walls. Or how the doors have their own doors. Or how even street benches are stone, because trees are rare in dry hot climate.

On the other hand I understand traveling isn't always feasible, and I am grateful to have been able to do so.