Duality-52: Gardener Crab

These large crabs-like creatures is another example of a symbiosis way of life that seems common on Duality. These prowlers are roughly cow-size, but appearing taller with their lumpy shell, which grows taller than a human. They roam the Kelp Forest, nibbling away at young kelp that hasn't grown out of their reach yet. Their rocky shell catches kelp seeds, and becomes carrier of those seeds and seedlings, along with other hitch-rider. They don't seem to like humans, and would charge and knock people down with their horn if they feel their "personal space" is being invaded, and yet they seem to keep truce with the giants of the Kelp Forest - Rupprovka's Moby - and can be seen grazing nearby each other.

​Duality-52 is a world-building project being developed by the very skilled and art-loving Johanna Rupprecht, and yours truly. Duality-52 is a fictional alien planet that is tidal locked, and these are the creatures that live within its habitable band zone.

This is an assignment done for Anthony Jone's Robotpencil Mentorship.

Yen shu liao gardenercrab