Bearer of Souls

This was done for the Creature Anatomy class with Terryl Whitlatch on Schoolism. After getting some feedback on it during THU last year, I touched up a few things. This assignment is meant to merge a Cetartiodactyla and a Perissodactyla. What the heck are those? It turns out horses, rhinos, and tapirs (Perissodactyla) are completely separate from pigs, deer, camels, oxes, all those other seemingly happily related 4-legged vegetarians (Cetartiodactyla ). Also, did you know sometimes a buck growing its horns in spring will take advantage of a fallen bird, and eat it for nutrients? Bambi! Did you do it???

Yen shu liao bearerofsouls
Yen shu liao creature concept art studdy horse

Studies in preparation and in search of a design.

Yen shu liao creature concept art sketch ox

Exploring shapes and designs.

Yen shu liao creature concept art research ox

Reference images used for the final design.