Masked Moose Man Mark
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Mark the masked mumbles of Mark! Or else.....

Masked Moose Man Mark

Weekly drawing meet up group - Imaginative Illustrator of NYC! Khans of Tarkir! The topic for that week was to randomly pick a clan from the world of Magic the Gathering - specifically the Khans pack, and make our own character for that clan. I drew the Temur clan, which was all about crushing enemies again! This time, with primal savagery! Frozen tundra, and lots of fur-lined fashion. I browsed through all the mounts and were-mammoths, and decided this Canadian native migrated over 'cos the land bridge is exposed from the Big Freeze.

We meet every Saturday night at Cranberry Cafe, which is a totally chill cafe with huge 2nd floor seating area that has lots of table and seatings, and, most importantly, does not send their staff to check if everyone here bought enough stuff to justify sitting for hours! There's always a topic of the week, and it's always been great to just go and "let it go".

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