So named because it will crack a human's head open like a macaw cracks a walnut. Not a pleasant way to go, and not a pleasant creature to encounter in the wild at any time. They also use their massive claw to dispatch their prey, sometimes a Crystal Dragon, then use their massive beak to pry off the hard shell and scale to get to the flesh.

Adult male and female are distinguished by the sizes of their decorative, large tail feathers, which only comes out once the chick reaches maturity. The sizes of a red, fleshy, horn-shape antler which sits above their nasal openings also differ from female to male. Both birds will take turn to roost on the eggs, which are laid on a bed of vegetation on the ground.

The Nut Cracker's habitat are adjacent to that of the Crystal Dragon, in the oases within the dark, rocky land, or in sparse, young forest of bizarrely-shaped vegetation bordering the rocky landscape.