Prancing Paul-Lin
Yen shu liao prancingpaullin 2

Happily prancing!

Prancing Paul-Lin

Weekly drawing meet up group - Imaginative Illustrator of NYC! Body parts horror! Referenced some of Wayne Barlowe’s creatures. Added the inky box later, but the brush pen’s strokes are clearly visible, so it needed adjustment in Photoshop. Now I’m wondering if it would’ve been better to do the black box completely digitally. The amount of wet ink caused the flimsy sketchbook paper to buckle a lot, and the shadows needed extra Photoshop treatment.

We meet every Saturday night at Cranberry Cafe, which is a totally chill cafe with huge 2nd floor seating area that has lots of table and seatings, and, most importantly, does not send their staff to check if everyone here bought enough stuff to justify sitting for hours! There's always a topic of the week, and it's always been great to just go and "let it go".

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