Mushroom Forest Environment Concept

This is one of my first, proper foray into environment concept designing. I angst over what to do as I had really no idea what to go for, and eventually went with something I liked - mushrooms. A lot of the plant units in this concept have their own sheets explaining how their design came together. One was even inspired by my dinner that night of mexi kale and oyster mushroom, and became the pine tree equivalent of this alien forest. I looked at other giant mushroom forest images online, and they all tend to be colorful, magical, and generally safe happy place for a player character to be in. So I decided to do something completely different - weird, red, dripping and somewhere you will feel uncomfortable to be in. If this is in a game or a movie, it's definitely a zone you'd want to pass through and not linger because even the "plants" look like they could stick on to you and dissolve you for dinner!