Haru the Hare Samurai
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Haru the Hare Samurai

Haru had an unusual dream for a hare - to be a samurai. His family and friends were in disbelief. "You're too small and skinny to be a samurai! Those big guys will totally destroy you!"

But Haru wouldn't listen. He was rejected by samurai trainers, and was more than once almost caught stealing samurai lessons up in a tree or from a hole in a wall. But every time he escaped with hare-like speed and reflexes. He honed his samurai skills with patchwork learning, and by practicing with sticks. Finally, he gained recognition as a real samurai, and served and fought as equals with other samurais.

Haru fought skirmishes and battles alike, using his speed to fight in a world of giants, gaining victories after victories. Eventually, fate and age turned on him, and he was killed after being cornered by 3 tiger samurais. While many would say, "I told you so, bunnies can't be samurais.", history will not forget the fact that Haru had one of the longest serving/surviving record in this kingdom.

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