Kelp Cluster

This is a 'floral arrangement' of the different undergrowth plants in a Kelp Forest zone I had concept-ed up with side quests and NPC background stories, and a bunch of fun stuff..... and then had to shelf it for indefinite period of time.

Yen shu liao kelp forest environment concept art
Yen shu liao kelp forest concept art sketch02

Concept sketches from my sketchbook while designing what kind of plants would be in this forest.

Yen shu liao kelp forest concept art sketch01

Study sketches and then concept sketches from my sketchbook.

Yen shu liao envforestzone home 06

This is one of the important site in this forest zone - a level-able storage shack that is also a save/respawn point :D I never got to finish this further since I had to put this entire idea on hold.