Duality-52: Plains Hunter

A fast runner and a tireless hunter on the dark purple grass plains towards the shadowy side of Duality's Goldilocks zone. They live along side the Red-Eye Drake, which they also prey upon if they can catch one alone. The Plains Hunter have a powerful crunching bite that can crack any shell. They sometimes do put their bodies flat down beneath the top of the tall, purple grass to hide. They are the last thing you want to encounter on the plains.

​Duality-52 is a world-building project being developed by the very skilled and art-loving Johanna Rupprecht, and yours truly. Duality-52 is a fictional alien planet that is tidal locked, and these are the creatures that live within its habitable band zone.

This is an assignment done for Anthony Jone's Robotpencil Mentorship.

Yen shu liao plainshunter
Yen shu liao wip hunter

Progress Shots.